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    Rental rates for metered equipment.
1/2 day rent allows 6 hrs. possession to put 4 hrs. on the meter.
Full day rent allows 24 hrs. possession to put 8 hrs. on the meter.
Going over the hours will pro-rate at a given rate until the day rate
applies. Call or email for more information.
   Rental rates for non metered equipment
1/2 day rent = 5 hrs.
Full day rent = 24 hrs.

Overnight rents start at 3:00 pm and returned by 9:00 am same rate as 1/2 day

Gas Charge on Smaller Equipment
A $10 fuel surcharge will be added to any rentals that have smaller gas tanks, mainly non-metered equipment.

We sell time. Rent starts from the time the contract is started to the time it is returned.
If for any reason a piece of equipment fails to perform the customer must call the store
or return the equipment immediately. Do not assume.

All Party rental reservations require pre-payment and is not refundable.
This is strictly enforced due to customers canceling. When items are
reserved we cannot rent them.
Please be sure that you want the equipment when you reserve it.
No refunds will be given for cancellations on party rentals.

Damage Waiver
Damage waiver may be purchased at the time of writing the contract for an
additional 15% of the rental rate.
Damage waiver is available to the customer and will cover
the customer in the event damage has occurred to a piece of equipment
by an accident by the customer. Examples of coverage would be a damaged
hydraulic line, bent or broken stacks on a backhoe, broken tiller tines etc...
Because you have purchased damage waiver, do not assume you cannot
be held liable for damage to a piece of equipment. An example of damage
that would not be covered is damaging a hydraulic line (covered) but continuing
to operate the equipment until the transmission is destroyed (not covered)
Call or email for more info.

The following are the responsibility of the customer:
1. All tire flats.
2. Fuel on equipment with large tanks (Non Fuel-Surcharge Equipment)
3. Cleaning. All equipment leaves clean and needs to be returned clean.
 We expect equipment may return not as clean as it left, however
equipment that is returned filthily will be assed a cleaning charge.

If at any time before or during your rental, you are unsure about the operating or
safety procedure for the equipment you are renting, it is the customer's responsibly
to ask or call the store. Before you leave, a store attendant will explain how to
operate the equipment. Again, if you are in doubt, please ask.
A store attendant will assist you with loading and unloading equipment and
hooking up and unhooking trailers. General Rental reserves the right to
refuse to hook a trailer up to a tow vehicle that is inadequate or
not properly equipped to handle the load. i.e. hitches, brake controllers, lights
tires on tow vehicle etc..
It is the customers responsibility to properly tie down rented equipment.
If you need assistance please ask.

Common damage that occurs that is not covered by damage waiver.

*Damage to  the safety chains from dragging.
*Damage to the light cord from pulling away from the trailer without
unplugging it.  
*Damage to equipment lights. (lights being torn off, mainly tractors, from
low tree branches).
*Damage to tractor brush cutters from driving over hidden debris. i.e.
stumps, steel fence post etc.
*Damage to rubber tracks on excavators from curling the bucket
under the tracts.